Export ZenCart products, Import Magento products Part 1

How to import/export products from ZenCart to Magento with a csv file?

Firstly, in ZenCart, export your catalogue using Easy Populate to a CSV file.

Admin>Tools>Easy Populate:

Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit (Attributes Not Included)

In magento I have created a sample product just to see which headings are needed in the CSV file.

Create a category, product and export it to a CSV file in Magento.

System>Import/Export>Profiles>Export all Products>Run Profile

The file will be located in /var/export/. Now open the csv files from Magento and ZenCart to compare the fields. It’s just a case of copy and pasting in Excel the required columns from the zencart file to the magento file.

Some of these are obvious and can be easily copied and pasted from ZenCart file. For example v_products_model is the same as sku so i simply copy and paste the entire column into the magento file and rename it sku. The same goes for v_products_name_1 and name

NB: for some reason name in the magento file appears twice so needs to be pasted over twice. Mine was at column M name and again at column BM product_name (I’m sure it will be obvious why at some stage).

Some columns need to be copied and some do not – lets worry about that later in part 2. For now just get as much copied and pasted as you can, remembering to change the Magento column names if you paste over them.

Some of the obvious ones:

v_products_price – price

v_products_weight – weight

v_products_description_1 – description

v_products_quantity – qty

There is a strip of rows from AN (min_qty) to BG  (enable_qty_increments) with 1 and 0 values in. For now I am going to copy these values in this row across and then paste it downwards to fill these values in for every product.

Lets leave it there for now. Some columns need to be filled in but we can do it later.

Important Values you must have:

For now the most important column is SKU. Every item needs a unique stock code so ensure there is an sku value for every product.
In the first column store – all values are admin
In the third column attribute all values are Default
In the fourth column type all values are simple

You can change some of these values later if needed but they have to be copied and pasted down to all products otherwise errors will occur and the products will not import.

Save the file in CSV format.

Upload it to Magento using the admin menu: System>Import Export> Profiles>Import all Products>

Upload the file. by browsing and then selecting Save and continue. Mine is called magentoproducts.csv .This uploads it to the server.

Now select the Run Profile menu on the right and in the file pull down menu should be your CSV file. Run the profile and wait – it is quite slow.

How did you do? I hope you got few errors. Mine worked pretty well and only rejected a few SKUs. I was pretty impressed at how straightforward this was.

In part 2 I will look at exporting, editing and re-importing the products file.

store websites attribute_set type category_ids sku has_options status tax_class_id is_recurring visibility enable_googlecheckout name meta_title meta_description image small_image thumbnail url_key url_path custom_design page_layout options_container gift_message_available price special_price cost weight description short_description meta_keyword custom_layout_update news_from_date news_to_date special_from_date special_to_date custom_design_from custom_design_to qty min_qty use_config_min_qty is_qty_decimal backorders use_config_backorders min_sale_qty use_config_min_sale_qty max_sale_qty use_config_max_sale_qty is_in_stock low_stock_date notify_stock_qty use_config_notify_stock_qty manage_stock use_config_manage_stock stock_status_changed_automatically use_config_qty_increments qty_increments use_config_enable_qty_increments enable_qty_increments product_name store_id product_type_id product_status_changed product_changed_websites

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